Wodahs, the world of elves and other creatures, is a dimension that is shadowed by the earth world. Over the course of millenia that followed the fall we have seen the shattering come close to it’s completion; making the earth world accessible only to a rare few, while the rest our world turns in on itself at the crest of the second dark age.

Yet isolation from the earth world is anything but complete. It casts a shadow upon our world that has been a powerful blessing that now grows into an unavoidable doom. This shadow we call the mist.

the mist dissolves the wilderness as it spreads, and over time leaves behind the abandonments of man for us to harvest. the mist also leaves a valuable dust, that when processed into Anchoryl and used correctly, preserves that which is found in the mist. For, in time, these things too, shall vanish. Mist enshrouded lands are dangerous places, feral animals are nightmarishly mutated into chimera and trolls; and even our own kind both benefit and suffer a degree of this mishapen end. Even the mist itself is harvested by those few who know how to distill and weaponize it. Liquid Mist rends anything it comes into contact with.

If not the mist, we will destroy ourselves first. The races of elves are anything but united; we scatter and hide; gathered in the darkness of forests, caves, and extradimesional havens; while High Elves enforce the cannon, enslave the lesser kin, and battle the gathering bands of Dark Elves, both factions pillaging everything between them.

But there is a hope that we cling to. The prophesy of Tsevrah. That the events of The Reckoning have begun to culminate and Judgement soon to follow. After which the worlds shall be reforged and whole again. An end to the dark ages of elves.